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All Korean car makers participating in Busan Motor Show in June

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[Busan Daily] All Korean car makers participating in Busan Motor Show in June

The 2018 Busan International Motor Show (Busan Motor Show), which opens in June, will be the first Korean auto brand to participate in this year. In addition, most foreign car brands that sell more than 10,000cars a year are listed.

According to the Bexco Corporation and the import car industry on Friday, 120 companies from 10 countries, including the cars and parts makers, are expected to participate in the motor show's event scheduled for June 7-17 at Bexco, Haeundae. The figure represents a 30-percent increase from the previous year's Busan Motor Show (91 companies in six countries).

Includes 10 foreign brands
Total 120 Companies in 10 Countries

The Korean carmaker has decided to participate in six new automotive brands, including Hyundai Motor Co., Genesis, Kia Motors Corp., GM Korea, Renault Samsung Motors Corp. and Ssangyong Motor. Ssangyong Motor Co., which has left the field for two times in a row since 2014, is set to release this time, making it the first Korean carmaker to be listed on the list since 2012.

About 10 foreign brands will be at the motor show so far. They are BMW and Minie, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan, Jaguars and Landrober. According to Bexco, the participating foreign brands will increase the display area by more than 20 percent for each company, and the number of exhibition models will also increase significantly.

Volkswagen, Honda, Cadillac, Volvo, Pentron-Citroen, FCA (Jeep Piect Chrysler), and Porsche. Ford, Lincoln, and MasseratI are discussing whether to join.

Two commercial vehicles will attract attention in Korea, Hyundai Commercial Co. and Kia Motors Corp., while Mantrockbus, the importer and importer, will participate in the event twice in a row.

The organizing committee of the Busan Motor Show said, " In addition to the new cars, we will present technologies for electric vehicles and automous-driving technologies in the future.




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