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[Video Press] 2018 AUTOMANUFAC

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' At a glance in the automotive industry, including materials, components and finished products '

' 2018 Korea Automotive Manufacturing Expo'

' 2018 Korea Automotive Manufacturing Expo (AUTOMANUFAC 2018) ' that allows visitors to meet everything about cars from materials and components to complete products, processing facilities and engineering technology was held on the 7th. As the slogan of " seeing the future beyond innovation, " we can check the latest trends in the automobile industry. 

The exhibition, hosted jointly by the KOFAIR and Bexco, was comprised of 109 companies from seven countries and 200 booths. 

In the exhibition hall, auto design and research and development, automotive parts and materials, materials and materials, automotive electric vehicle technology and products, automotive inspection, quality control, testing equipment, automotive parts manufacturing equipment and technology, In addition, it opened public agencies such as Chungbuk Techno Park Gongdonggwan, Busan Techno Park, Hyundai Dymos Mutual Cooperation Center, and Korea Automobile Component Research Institute for win-win cooperation. 

Among them, Hyundai Dymos, which will support domestic and overseas sales of its small companies, will select ' joint venture between small and medium venture companies ' and the Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Cooperation Foundation, as part of its third-stage program for developing overseas sales expansion program in 2018. 

" Hyundai Dymos has been operating a joint growth program called ' PARTNER (Partner) ' since 2015. 

The event will also include programs designed to help companies willing to turn their eyes to foreign markets and boost domestic demand. 

On the day after the exhibition, 63 Korean companies visited Korea and 43 buyers from 17 countries including Germany, Russia, Mongolia, the United States, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. 

In addition, through an open technology seminar organized as another ancillary event, technology and solutions from participating companies and related agencies can be shared and stay current. 

Just as it reflects the changing trends of the overall industry, new technologies that will lead to innovative growth in the automotive industry are also noticeable. 

' Samwoo Electronic Precision ', which has been in charge of manufacturing and distributing electronic components of electronic communication devices for 37 years, is not only a major product but also a major product for charging them. 

" By introducing DC COMBO 1, which is a model of standardization and fast connector, and C-TYPE, which is a slow connector, " said CEO of Samwu Electronics ' Hong Seok-ju. 

In addition, ' DUT Korea ', which has been developing and producing Endur foam system, which is used as an internal material for automobiles, has built facilities to help make electric cars lighter, and submitted it this time. 

" Although there are businesses that have traditionally been going on in South Korea, new businesses that are planning to start mass-producing vehicles are highly possible and are highly relevant to their existing know-how and technical skills. " said President Jung Hyun-chul of DUT Korea. 

On the other hand, ' Tester ', a manufacturer of inspection equipment, said, " We look forward to directly creating business and visiting buyers with companies related to equipment durability testing. " 

" It was not easy for companies in the metropolitan area to promote marketing in the southern region, " said Kwak Jong-gil, director of the KOFAIR. 

" The equipment and materials companies needed to produce cars, parts manufacturers, and foreign automotive manufacturers, in particular GM and Chrysler, will be able to identify opportunities for their respective targets. " 

The exhibition will run until the 10th. During this period, ' 2018 Busan International Motor Show ', ' camping car show ', ' RSSA ' (Technology Trend Seminar ' for Renault Samsung Motors ' partner societies ', ' 2018 Korea Automobile Engineering Society Spring Conference ' and ' ICT ' 

We hope that the Korean auto industry will grow further thanks to the expectations and positive responses of the industry workers and the general public.






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